How to Book with Rustic Rental

-Write down all the items that you wish to book

-you can either:

          *Add the items to your cart, once you complete your order, I will check availablity   and then send you an invoice to your email so you can pay online

          *Call 937.529.9109 to see if items are available

          *Message us through the "Let's Chat" option and we will check availablity

          *Email Melissa at

-We will check availability for each item

-Need your email address and phone number

-We will send you an invoice to your email

-Any rentals over $100, you will be asked to pay 50% deposit to book

-Any rentals under $100, OR if the event is less than 2 weeks away, payment is due in full

-The invoice will be cancelled and voided after 24 hours of being sent unless it is paid, this gives everyone the opportunity to rent specific items

-We accept all credit cards, cash or checks.  Please note, if you are mailing a check, the items rented are not booked until the check is received.  Items are 1st come, 1st serve with deposit paid

-Once the invoice is paid, we will send you a booking confirmation and the rental agreement, along with pick up/drop off information or delivery information to your email.  Please note: the rental agreement is available online and should be read over before booking.

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